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Shipping Policy

Availability and Delivery

Products marked as “available” are usually delivered within 11-25 working days from receipt of the order. If a product is not in stock or is incorrectly marked as “available”, the customer will be informed by email or telephone and a new provisional delivery date will be agreed. If an item is no longer available and can no longer be procured or produced by Designerdrip, Designerdrip can withdraw from the contract, but must reimburse the customer in full for payments already made for the product.

If Designerdrip is not able to provide or ship the items within 60 calendar days of receipt of the order, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract. Payments already made by the buyer to Designerdrip for the product will be fully refunded. There are no further claims against Designerdrip.

If additional shipping costs arise due to an incorrect delivery address or incorrect address data, these costs are fully borne by the buyer.

Additional Provisions Delivery

If the customer does not accept the goods delivered by the supplier within the agreed or specified delivery times, Designerdrip can only send the goods back for a shipping fee of 20,00€. If the buyer does not pay the shipping fees to resend the package, Designerdrip will not issue a refund for the order.

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